• exfoliate & remove dry, cracked skin on feet
• helps cure hard skin, and helps reduce nasty foot odours
• removes a full layer of skin, for ‘total foot’ skin health
• 17 safe, natural ingredients and extracts
• no scrub, no abrasion. Just apply, wait 2 hours and wash off
• for men and women of all ages


Dry skin care product to remedy and cure hard, dry cracked skin on feet

Before, during and after

Even if you exfoliate skin regularly, dry skin on feet can be a problem. Other foot care products or professional skin care products fall short of perfect skin, peeling skin on feet only in parts. BabyFoot is an all natural skin care product that promotes 'total foot' skin peeling (exfoliation) for all skin types. This skin treatment removes not just dry skin patches, but also helps alleviate bad foot odour.


The Safe, All Natural Skin Treatment
Baby Foot contains 17 types of natural extracts with a high moisturizing power. Baby Foot contains healthy, safe natural extracts like Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit citrus oils, Calendula, Clematis leaf and Chamomile.

Don't be put off - whilst the results look dramatic, Baby Foot is very, very safe - the whole process is totally painless.


Works with all your knives, even serrated blades

Safe, gentle Baby Foot contains 17 natural extracts


Baby Foot is a total foot health product. It can improve foot health in a number of ways

Attaches anywhere, safe to use single handed


1) Cure dry,cracked, rough skin on feet
Most normal foot care products target dry skin patches, leaving some old and some new layers of skin exposed. With these aggressive methods skin is torn away, damaging new layers of skin that also dry out rapidly too. Baby Foot is natural, safe and gentle yet far more effective, as the new skin exposed is sealed and undamaged. The entire hard skin layer is removed kindly to leave baby soft feet you may not have had in years!

2) Cure Bad Foot Odour
When different layers of skin are exposed, bacteria can get in between the layers and grow there, resulting in nasty food odour. With Baby Foot, the newly exposed skin is sealed and perfect, preventing bacteria growth and eliminates a major cause of foot odour

How it works

The cells of the skin are held together with desmosomes, which include various fats and proteins held between the cells. Under normal conditions the desmosomes should be decomposed by skin enzymes and the dead skin peels off gradually.

Desmosomes in skin


Directions - No scrub, no rub, no abrasion.

Baby Foot is really quick and easy to use. Just put on the gel-filled socks, wait 2 hours, and wash off. Please also refer to the video demonstration.

10 year Lifetime warranty

Do remember, results will not be seen immediately!
Skin peeling may take a few days, and can go on for a week or more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

10 year Lifetime warranty


Baby Foot comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Box Contents

  • 2 x sealed Baby Foot gel filled application socks
  • Simple Usage Guide